The start up…

At first working as a freelancer struggled me so much, It’s not easy setting up your online skills. No coaches, no one to turn when I got questions. I started alone, and the internet is my key to knowledge. I learn a lot in doing research, and on applying for jobs. In the past months of sending proposals and reading on lots of job posts, I already know what jobs that most clients are posting.

A freelance success..

I learn to work independently and do my best to execute and excel in my field; I think my important realization when working at home is that working doing the best you can knowing that having quality output is your key to win Clients back and to have honest and pure attitude towards work is the key to success.

As I have various works involved I gather lots of experience from working different customers and projects. I now say that learning is a continuing process as I grow in this business my learning never ends. As per my client say that I am a dedicated, honest, trustworthy assistant and I stand on it. I have a solid rock foundation for my integrity. I managed to develop my skills in Research, Backend e-commerce support, and lots of Data Entry jobs. You can train me at your most convenient time.

I started in the year 2013 and still counting over the year I have managed to develop a team. A team that composes of all girls, or I must say a girl power! Why Girls? Because of the attitude of a girl to endure and not to get bored to do a repetitive task.

Providing superb outputs and services with a 100% job success. I maintain to be one of the top rated freelancers with an estimate of 200 successful jobs (inside and outside of the platform) and has worked for more than 10,000 hours recorded on my the profile (exclusive only for those jobs with hourly rate).

Lastly, If you need my assistance, please contact me at any time. 
Check my Upwork profile for work details and feedbacks.